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The Ugab Proper

The real challenge of the route that lay before us was dealing with the uncertainty. Of the vehicles that make their way down to the Ugab River Rhino Camp – and there are not many – few choose to leave the relative safety of the track to wander up a river that is only periodically passable.

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The Ugab Slot

It is at this stage that the difficulty of the road takes a substantial step towards ‘4×4 only’. In the kilometres that followed, the pace of our journey declined substantially as the track navigated the exceedingly tight watercourse. Acute turning angles, rock steps and the odd sandy section saw to it that the going was slow.

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Nervous Disposition

Our final choice of campsite is, without question, the best that I have ever found. Perched upon the shoulder of the depression and protected from the beating sun by a low cliff-line, our resting spot for the night came adorned with some spectacular views. Vast open space with a scattering of gentle hills that cast breathtaking shadows as the sun dropped towards the horizon.

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