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Ibo Island

One really must page through the bowels of the Mozambican edition of Lonely Planet to find any commentary on visiting Ibo Island. Like most locations in the country’s northern reaches, this little oceanic retreat does not find its way onto the territory’s most-visited list – and with good reason. Only those privileged enough to make use of light aircraft can reach the island with any sort of ease. For the rest, gaining its shallow shores requires an unreserved commitment to exploration as well as a little faith in humanity.

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Lessons from the Namib

This past weekend, while trawling through my archive of photographs, I stumbled upon two separate sets of images that I had overlooked during the post-Namibia debriefs. To my mind, the photos are good, and yet I somehow missed them during the flurry of work that went into developing what I considered ‘the best’ images from the expedition.

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The Ugab Proper

The real challenge of the route that lay before us was dealing with the uncertainty. Of the vehicles that make their way down to the Ugab River Rhino Camp – and there are not many – few choose to leave the relative safety of the track to wander up a river that is only periodically passable.

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