A bit about me!

I always seem to meet people who can quote the year in which an event had occurred. “When I was in Dar es Salaam in 1952, I… insert arbitrary anecdote here…”. Conversely, I have not been blessed with a catalogue for a memory. My memory is more like a pile of old magazines. It’s a dusty collection of stories – some more remarkable than others – but with no particular order to it. Ask me to recount a past event and I’ll pull a memory from the middle of the stack and recite it with vivid clarity, but ask me when an event had occurred, and I’ll answer with a ten-year window period within which the event might have taken place.

For this reason, for me to quote the first time that I realised my fondness for photography is impossible to do. I remember being fascinated at a very young age with the ‘split screen’ and ‘micro-prism ring’ focus mechanisms of my father’s old Minolta SLR, but that curiosity was more than likely the product of my wanting to know how things work, rather than the first steps in any artistic pursuit.

That said, I have always been in search of an outlet for my creative energy and dabbled in numerous activities – from my career as an engineer – yes, there is creativity in engineering – all the way through to my current obsession with blowing on my harmonica. Somewhere in this mêlée, I stumble upon photography, an artistic endeavour that dovetails perfectly with my other life passion – adventure.

As far back as I can remember, I had been exposed to the great outdoors. I grew to love nature’s beauty and to respect our weakness in the face of it. I remember as a child wanting to go camping in the garden whenever it rained as a way of pitting myself against the elements. It is a bizarre fascination that I still live with today, and I remain inexplicably drawn to undertakings that force me into a position of weakness, undertakings where success hinges on both my nerve and wherewithal.

In many ways, I am a product of my era’s great yet frivolous adventurous quests, the Dakar Rally – the real one – the Camel Trophy, the adventures of Mike Horn and so on, but I mostly admire an older generation of individuals who put their life on the line with self-reliance as their only crutch. People such as the early British explorers, Livingstone and Stanley, lesser known contemporaries like Major Chaplin Court Treat and his wife Florence and, more recently, the astronauts of the early space programmes. These men and women are unique in that despite any extent to which they had external support, when the chips were down, they were their own saving grace.

Ultimately, it is my desire to combine and formalise my two life passions that has resulted in the existence of this website. It has primarily been built as a platform for me to share my finest photographs, and is also unquestionably about deriving commercial benefit from doing so. However, it is similarly a place for me to start cataloguing my metaphorical magazines and to share the adventures – and in some cases misadventures – that I have had while trying to capture the images. I hope to inspire not only a greater appreciation of the planet’s beauty, but also to nurture a flame from the adventurous spark that I believe resides in all of us.